Finding Your Artistic Voice

One of the most common question I’m asked is ‘how I found my voice‘, I feel like this is something that most of us struggle with as ‘creators‘. So it only made sense to me to write about this topic that resonates with all of us.

I would be lying if I said that you can find your voice by just closing your eyes and imagining yourself falling off a ledge. Although, that is something I visualize when starting a new project but to avoid drifting off into another world all together I am going to drop this here. When searching for our voice I feel like we are usually asking the wrong questions and following the wrong trends. Social media has our minds infested with images of perfection and goals that may seem unattainable. However, in my case all I had to do was unplug – I stopped obsessing over what I should be creating and focused on what I want.

Our ‘VOICE‘ is our unique being, it is the embodiment of who we are as a person and where we place ourselves in the world. So why do most of us get stuck searching for our voice when it is right there with us at all times. In my opinion the problem is not finding our voice but how to materialize it. And below I will discuss a few things that I found helpful when I started my journey.

Who are you? and What is your story?

These are the two questions I think are most crucial when creating. Each of us have a unique essence of being but by following content on social media we tend to forget what separates us from others. The idea is to put the YOU in YOUR work, but how do we do it? The best possible way would be to list down bullets about YOU – from your name to what you like? your taste in decor, music or your favorite books and maybe once you list it down you will see a common theme. A mood board tends to help see these elements of you on one page and create a visual image of what is inside you. I am a big believer in visuals, from daily schedules to what you’re going to have for dinner if it’s something you can see there is no way you could go wrong.

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you into something else is the greatest accomplishment”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

So, once we have all the elements together we have a general idea of where to start. You will have your color palette. You will understand if you are a pattern person or a minimalist, if you like a busy composition or would you rather focus on one thing. Your taste in music and books also help understand aspects of your personality that you never pay attention to. For example, I am obsessed with books that have absolutely nothing in common with the real world, the stories I read are things I visualize when I’m listening to music which is how I come up with ideas on what to work on next.

We often forget that our creativity is basically our story, it is what we are trying to tell the world about us. But most often we drown our voices in the noise and forget that innovation is easier than imitation. I strongly recommend exiting social media when coming up with ideas for your next project. I like to unplug and spend an hour with loud music and just sketching. I sketch out up to ten images and then upload them on a board on pinterest that is private. Again, this helps me visualize what I want to shoot and I don’t have to stress over new work until I have completed the images on my board.

I am going to end this blog post with the following few bullets that I have stuck on my desk to remind myself to not forget my identity.

  • Challenge – try new things
  • Explore – look deep within
  • Identity – who are you
  • Story – tell me yours
  • Structure – organize your thoughts
  • Authenticity – Be you
Photo Credit: Romessa Khan

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