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Creative exercises are the best way to get your mind working. I personally feel a few daily habits work better than trying it out over the course of days. With the age we live in we have forgotten the benefits of writing on a piece of paper instead of typing on our phones. My dad used to say ‘Put it all on paper and empty out your head’. I always saw him writing lists in his journal first thing in the morning while having his tea. It never occurred to me at the time how beneficial it is to see your tasks flow onto a sheet of paper.

I love getting new notebooks, every time I start a new project I absolutely have to get myself a new notebook to fill up. However, other than lists I also like to write down my thoughts, a good five to ten minutes of just filling up paper with whatever I am feeling or thinking. I do little thumbnails of drawings for my new images so I don’t forget what I was thinking or envisioning at the time and it stays there for me to come back to whenever I am ready to execute a project.


I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to draw out your images, your compositions and noting down what colors you want. A few good minutes of listening to music and closing your eyes will really help you see how creativity flows through your blood and onto your canvas. I have to admit sometimes I get lazy and I do tend to draw on post it’s or paper towels and as much as I hate to admit it even toilet paper. But hey! it’s there and in front of you so why not use what’s easily available you never know when your ‘Eureka’ moment hits you.

Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see”

– Edgar Degas

I love the above quote, we as artists strive to create worlds beyond limits or tell stories within a frame. To be able to put feelings and emotions on to one frame is a work of art that we often don’t give ourselves credit for. Our minds our full of so much noise from daily tasks at work to running our households and in the midst of all that we need to make a little bit of time for ourselves. A daily practice of writing 5 minutes or drawing 5 minutes or BOTH is definitely possible. Do it with your morning coffee instead of swiping through your phone and see how it benefits you.

I do recommend if you’re a stationary hoarder like me to get a nice set of pencils or black pens along with a cool new notebook to start with. This will automatically give you incentive to start your daily journal. Also, if you keep your project notebooks separate like me it’s always fun to go back and look at the images you’ve drawn or notes you’ve taken down and apply it later in life. I still have my sketchbooks from college that help me find inspiration when I’m absolutely blank minded – which happens more often than I’d like to admit.

In this section of creative exercises I will be asking our contributors to discuss their best practices and please feel free to comment below and tell us how you like to jump start your brain before shooting or starting a project. I’d love to hear it!!!

Until next time keep creating

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