Introduction to ‘STILL LIFE’

Still life is a very unique genre of photography. I love the possibility of adding LIFE and MAGIC to the ordinary day to day objects and having complete creative control over it. When shooting still life it’s always a good idea to show the world how your mind see’s an ordinary item like a stack of books or my favorite a cup of coffee.

To shoot still life you have to find ways to not only add interest to your subject but to also add a mood or vibe to the overall image. You have full freedom to experiment with different placements and controlling light or adding background settings that help add a vibe to your overall image.

Still life ; a painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and objects contrasting with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware.

When the master painters brought life to inanimate objects like bowls, vases or produce they made these magical by adding beautiful lighting and placing the objects in a way that captivated the viewer’s attention. While we know the basic concept we are not always able to give our subjects the same kind of depth that the master painters were able to.

Everything has beauty, but now everyone sees it.


One of the best reasons to try your hand at still life photography is that it gives you the freedom to practice. You can improve your composition skills, control light and temperatures, work with different color palettes etc. This will help you understand the basic principles of photography and with a super patient subject it takes the stress out of shooting. By using common objects and adding your magic to it you can build a portfolio for product photography as well, which as we know is probably a good way to make some side income.

There are many different type of Still Life photography that you can explore:

Flat lay photography

Fine art Still Life

Product photography

Food photography

Each of the above mentioned categories are very trendy across social media, it is also a good way to gain some following while you’re experimenting with the different styles. I also think you can use dramatic set ups and photograph the objects in a way that the painters did and sell these as prints to people on Etsy. I will break the categories down with examples in future posts but at the moment I wanted to do a quick run down on the multiple possibilities of still life.

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